After quite an eventful year, full of great opportunities and some closed doors, our life has changed in unimaginable ways.  We are enjoying  new beginnings and I am so excited.  Recently we have been approved by the powers that be, as a charitable organization and a 501(c)(3) designation.  So we begin our journey of equine rescue.  Animals have been a passion since I can remember,  horses most of all.  When the most help is needed, due to the economy, I have found a way to work hard for the animals I appreciate.  Our economy has made it difficult for people to care for their much loved animals.  This time of year there seems to be more horses in situations at which I can help.  It is advantageous our determination has been approved at a time when the most help is being sought.

As well as being excited I am somewhat overwhelmed.  There is much to do and in some kind of order, one event builds upon another event.  I want to create a secure foundation.  The difficulty is knowing what should be accomplished first.  I will do my best as I know the well being of my horse friends depends on it.

I am requesting any and all positive suggestions and help!  This journey requires dedication.  I welcome all who would like to join.

Visit the Hay Burr Inn website to learn more!

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