Hay Burr Inn Farm is in the infancy of becoming a horse rescue operation.  We have found there is a great need.  As the main character in discovering and bringing to the farm the horses, I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed.  I would, if I had more resources, rescue all I find.  Unfortunately there are too many and I would be considered a hoarder.

Fortunately, I have a few wonderful people who I connected with to help me rescue the six animals I have at the farm at the moment.  A few of the miniature horses are from a kill pen in New Jersey.  I learned that these animals are there because of economic circumstances and not because they are unhealthy.  Which makes the situation they were found in so much more sad.

A lovely lady from Massachusetts facilitated the arrival of the ponies to the farm in Connecticut.  I am thankful for her dedication and hard work.  If there are others who would love a mini pony, she and I would help to find a lovely companion.  Some are trained to ride and others to drive, very easy for children to learn equine husbandry, and all are trained grass cutters and very loveable. Contact me and we will work to get a pony to your area.  Costs are low unless one is so very far in distance from either Massachusetts or Connecticut.

Here are some delightful pictures of the ponies enjoying life at Hay Burr Inn farm.

IMAG0045 IMAG0019 IMAG0008 IMAG0353 IMAG0350 IMAG0354IMAG0342

3 thoughts on “Hay Burr Inn Farm

  1. Hello my name is heide. I have two Icelandic and they are at my parents on 169. I’m looking for a pony that is rideable but mainly for a companion as the two I have are mother and daughter were abused and have never been separated Iunfortunately I don’t have a lot of money but my animals are spoiled and we’ll taken care of. Candy knows me well. Can you let me know how much it would cost.and what the process is. Thank you for your time


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