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After a Year!!

We worked on this project for a year, as we found extra time and as money became available. It is looking like a New England barn and happily for me, usable. Last winter was harsh so we buttoned up the walls with tarps. That worked nicely to keep the wind from blasting through. The horses seemed comfortable. We fed the large bales of hay under a wing and they ate it as they became used to the flapping of the tarps. It is amazing how food can calm horses as well as people.

I am happy to say we will have more walls this year, but we will still use some tarps to keep the area where we store the large bales of hay, weather proof. Or should I make a disclaimer, and say, it will really be weather resistant, depending how our winter decides to treat us. The smaller bales for the ponies are snug and dry upstairs in the barn. If the winter is nice to us we will continue to improve the walls as time goes on. There are stalls inside ready for the ponies and one large horse stall finished. Inside the barn looks more comfortable than one can see from the outside. The critters won’t complain at all.

I am using an area for the grooming of my dogs and it is absolutely wonderful. There is storage for the doggie equipment and a warm, dry place to work. And I am not worried about trying to keep the fur from flying. So much easier to clean after a grooming session. The grooming table is the cue for the pups. So wherever it is they know it is time to smell better and get beautiful.

I am anxious to get the horses used to their new space but that will come in time. The weather is still so gorgeous I would rather they were outside. I am sure that is their preference too. But they each need an area to eat undisturbed. Though there is enough for all, that isn’t a concept they understand.  Really, it would be easier for me!

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