Indoor Arena Footing Maintenance

In this cold weather, indoor arenas are being used frequently for many different reasons. Arenas are used more because it is cold, windy, with some sort of precipitation. These conditions are throughout the United States, there doesn’t seem to be an area with ideal conditions for outdoor horse riding.
I have learned there are two types of people. The first, the ones I relate, are people who spend all their free time with horses. These people would rather clean horses, stalls, tack, and of course ride their equine athlete.
The second type of person is happiest using anything with a motor. I don’t understand these people but I am very thankful they like to ride and drive tractors. These are the people which spend tons of time getting the arena footing perfect!
I know just such a person. He is very talented in leveling the footing, getting the correct packing where it is most needed for the comfort of the horse as they jump or train in any horse related endeavor.
So if you would rather ride a horse than a tractor I will send my tractor rider to perfect your footing while you spend time with horse related activities.
Now is the time to tend to your footing for the benefit of the rider and horse. Please contact Sugar Brook we would be pleased to attend to your arena maintenance.