Arena Surfaces

As a business dealing with horses and their athletic stability, I receive numerous articles and magazines.  I am particularly interested in arena footing.  Here is information I have gathered from numerous places.  Please find it informative.

As an equine enthusiast there are many different reasons horses may experience some lameness.  When lameness occurs we ask our veterinarian or farrier their thoughts.  Uses of medications, different shoes, or the combination to create soundness sometimes is the result.  As horse owners we hardly think about our arena footing and issues that may develop due to improper arena engineering.

There have been studies throughout the years regarding the building of a proper arena environment.  Sometimes spending the money in arena building saves an abundance of pain, farrier, and veterinary bills in the long term,  There is an art and science in each geographic area with regard to a well built arena.  Also the discipline with which the arena is used may make a difference in the materials needed.

Arena building is much more scientific than erecting border fencing and layering the ground with sand. A complicated science dictates the surface needs, to be safe, consistent, and durable.  This arena training environment sometimes influences a sport horses longevity and soundness.  Hard arena surfaces can lead to bone, joint, an hoof injuries while a too soft, yielding surface can effect soft tissue damage.  Tentativeness on the part of the horse about the footing causes injury due to transition between hard, soft, lumpy, dry or firm surfaces.

The best way to improve these concerns is to start with a well engineered arena. Your horse athlete may have soundness issues related to the variables with arena footing.  Sugar Brook Environmental Services has a knowledgeable technician with over 25 years experience designing and caring for both indoor and out door arenas.  We will be happy to help you with any of your arena needs.

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