A Fantastic Year!!

I can’t believe a year has passed.  It has been very busy, so many changes.  All change is difficult, but there have been more wonderful changes than the tough ones.  On this day it is raining and looks like a monsoon at times.  We definitely need this rain as we haven’t had much the whole Summer and into the Autumn season.  Ponds, lakes and rivers are low.  My grandmother always said that before Winter can begin the water will be at a more normal level.  So rain in the Fall happens to equalize the season changes.

Autumn is my favorite time of year and at that time of year life seems to be nicer to me.  The scenery is gorgeous!  I am so thankful to enjoy the New England leaf colors.  My children were born in October so celebrations occur.  And the animals, which are a large part of my life, are lovely.  They have flourished through out the summer, gaining weight with soft coats, slowly getting more fluffy as the weather get cooler.

The cooler weather is energizing.  We try to keep up with preparations for Winter.  Though at the same time relishing the warm weather because we know it won’t last.  We change our mindset from Summertime relaxing to Fall energy.  We do love to be busy here and good thing because there is so much with which to busy ourselves.

Our business has grown and we are devoting more time to help it grow more.  We appreciate the clients we have helped build and maintain their facilities, as well as the people we have met recently.  The goal is to create an atmosphere where horse and rider enjoy each other.  So enjoy yourselves and be thankful for this lovely season change.1082014 518

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