Winter Arena Maintenance

Winter has arrived in most of the country. Outdoor arenas are still utilized but most are using their indoor space. It is time to make sure the indoor dust control system is working properly for the health of ourselves and the horses we love. Lung capacity is paramount to an athlete’s performance. Especially athletes with huge lungs!

Research has determined that no matter what footing materials is used, dust control is still a factor in arenas.  Most dust is formed from organic material.  Even with non-organic footing material, dust occurs.  This is due to break down of the footing as well as the introduction of organic materials.  This is something we can’t control entirely as we ride our animals, manure, dust, hair, etc sloughs off into the footing.   This is why manure is religiously removed.  As years go on the organic matter accumulates.  This is what creates the dust.

We are happy to install or maintain current dust control systems which are in need of repair.  We also replace footing material. Our technicians are talented and will work with you to determine the needs of your arena and stable. We look forward to working with you!!

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